More than just logos

We understand business.

At the intersection of marketing, strategy and creative FORTIFY helps businesses reach verifiable objectives with best-in-class design solutions.

At FORTIFY we use design as a tool to grow your brand and add value to your business.

Process-driven creative

Every creative agency will tell you they have a “secret sauce” for their creative success. Be it their version of Don Draper, world-class design talent or some black-box silicon valley technology.

We do not.

We have the recipe.

At FORTIFY we are able to deliver repeatable, consistent best-in-class results for all our clients, because we take the time to understand the problem and create a solution that's specifically tailored to their business needs.

One size does not fit all.

Utilizing principles borrowed from the agile development model we do not guess. We analyze, measure and only then create and deploy.

We are not a black box, we design collaboratively to precisely meet the needs.

We strive to be partners.

Whatever communication assets we create, we deliver added value to our client’s business through cutting edge creative thought and technology.

Our best-in-class services

Branding & Strategy

Do you need to help your brand metamorphosis and reach its true potential?

Creative Consulting

Feeling lost in the sea of technology? Trouble assessing creative work?

Video Production

Having a hard time wrapping your head around video production?

Ready to be fortified?