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The “Aperture” mark

The inspiration for the “Aperture” mark came from looking at various forms of fortifications in line with the FORTIFY wordmark. The process selected for repeating elements in architectural styles as well as geometric principles of construction and applied them to a strong angular shape.


The Design

The “Aperture” mark closely follows the best practices of symbol-design:

■ Visually striking
■ Easy to construct from one shape (self-similarity)
■ Symmetrical
■ Memorable but meaningless
Both “Aperture” mark and wordmark can be used separately in specific situations.
For example, if “Fortify” appears next to a social media icon, or the space/resolution is severely limited, the branding may feature just the mark. Conversely, the wordmark can be used on its own whenever there is not enough space for the entire lockup or where the mark has already been used before on its own.

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