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Engineered for Success

A fresh start for a determined industrial player

FELDKRAFT AUTOMATION produces unique wireless sensors and software to collate data and drive industrial automation.
Branding industrial companies is not always easy. Long functional names and historic brand-recognition can get in the way of defining a design that will last the ages while retaining a connection to its industry. We stepped up to the challenge and developed a system of thought to communicate the unique value of the brand.

Design Approach

Purpose & System

We focused both on the design as an expression of contemporary engineering, with precision and innovation at its core, but also tried to retain a connection to recognizable science and engineering language used in day-to-day operations. Thematically, we decided to focus on electromagnetic field-lines and scientific notation, with the notation for field-strength (delta F), and a small portion of a sinusoidal function as an arc-flourish.


German precision & functional flexibility

When thinking engineering and industrial design the DIN typeface immediately comes to mind. It is the obvious choice for an industrial company focused on precision and evidence-driven data operation. At the same time, the DIN typeface, while beautiful in its geometric design, is not necessarily a good fit for dense text applications like manuals or brochures.
This is why we decided to supplement DIN with Merriweather, a modern functional and flexible display font designed by Sorkin Type.

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