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The Brand

From accident to success

As the Edelstein family arrived to the United States in 1917, an unfortunate spelling mistake at the immigration office turned the name Edelstein to Edelstien. Today, and a hundred years later, the Edelstien brothers make this name their own by launching their own brewing company.

Product Branding

What is in a name?

The original family name, Edelstein, means gem, gemstone or jewel in German.
We decided to take the concept of beer in a very different spin to the competition by combining traditional beer branding with high class aesthetics fit for jewelry. We crafted every nuance, from label design, product name to typography, to evoke a feeling of exclusivity and tie in with the theme of gemstones.

Brand Positioning

What makes Edelstien’s different?

Edelstien beer is confident to stand next to a 40 year old Laphroaig, and it doesn’t feel out of place at the table in a Michelin-starred restaurant. Edelstien’s is beer that has come out of the smoky pubs, loud clubs and dingy bars.
At the dinner table it sits without fear next to CEOs, state officials and distinguished public figures. Edelstien’s is no longer the working man’s beer, it is more, and has been elevated to the highest standard of beverages.

The Flavors

A trifecta of refreshment for the connoisseur

The Seal

A bold, modern style for a brand with history

Based on the classic round emblem, combined with a modern illustration, the mark communicates both history and rarity. And keeping in line with the gem theme, a rough, uncut gemstone in the vague shape of a bottle describes the craft at the center.

The Type

Didone and Slab Serif hand in hand

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