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From Field to Fork

A bright new day for a growing agricultural company

Having traditionally worked within the food packaging industry, Ceripack shifts its model to encompass the entire supply-chain within the eco-product industry for small agricultural businesses.
Working within industrial food-processing, branding isn’t always as clear cut and often favors showing the process rather than the end effect for the end-customer or consumer.
Moving away from traditional process-based branding, FORTIFY decided to show the impact the products have on the consumer by creating a playful brand image closer in style to consumer product offerings than the traditional industrial corporate space.

The Mark

Playful. Friendly. Human.

The wordmark was designed with a playful, round script type at its center to express the brand’s closeness to the consumer. We decided to adjust the font heavily and add a ribbon trailing the wordmark, reminiscent of a meadow-path leading towards it.

A comparison between raw font and finished wordmark.

The color palette was selected for strong food- and product-related pastells to communicate a playful, human expression of the brand.

The Type

We decided to mix popular script fonts like Ed’s Market and Mr Dafoe, with Open Sans as the modern display font for contrast. Ed’s Market is primarily intended for 2-3 word headings, immediately drawing attention in its playfulness, while Mr Dafoe can be used for 4-6 word headings as it is more condensed. Open Sans is intended for larger bodies of text, especially on screens as the company anticipates a strong digital presence.

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