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How To Stop Selling And Start Helping With Empathy

Don’t get me wrong, stories are great, everyone loves a good story. The best ones engage the audience, grip them, and never let go.
And that’s also their weakness, they are stories. They are crafted narratives to engage the audience. Oftentimes, and if not to say even almost certainly every time, they are fictional (or at the very least heavily curated).
Maybe I’m just that much of a leftist hipster, but that doesn’t sit right with me.

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Marketing on a Budget pt.5 – SEO for Small Business

Oh the dreaded topic of SEO for Small Business. It makes grown digital marketers tremble in their boots.
So you used our guide to set yourself up a great website. It has it all, it’s fast, professionally looking, has great content and products/services and is responsive for mobile.
But you have no traffic and specifically, you have no “organic” traffic. People aren’t finding your services or your business organically (through a search).
Diagnosis: Dead on arrival.

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Marketing on a Budget pt.4 – Web Design for Small Businesses

“Web design is hard. ”
Or so most people think.
First the bad news, small businesses often can’t hire web developers in-house to develop a site. Web, UX/UI designers and developers are highly sought after talent that gets sucked up by large companies to maintain and develop their own online presence.
How can a small business or start-up ever hope to compete? We got you covered.

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