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What It Means For Brands To Be Customer Centric In 2018

Do you run an ad-blocker? Do you consciously scroll past advertisement on social?

Consumer-behavior has changed with our advertisement culture and technology. Audiences have become heavily polarized. It’s no longer between benign indifference and brand-loyalty. It’s between love and hate.

Social has bred a generation of binary-thinking.

And the only way to survive in the future is to become customer centric.

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The 3 Reasons Your Startup Fails

So you saved up enough capital for your start-up and have a great product/service in mind for your new venture.
You are ready to dive head-first into the world of business. You are enthusiastic and full of energy, motivated and with steadfast belief in your product or service.
Unfortunately the world of business is not a calm ocean in the Caribbean, so you better come prepared before it all burns down.

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