Some random thoughts after watching “Art & Science of Marketing” with Chris Do & Scott Davies about consumer retail decision making because I’m currently in the retail mindset  ( Also in article format because it became too long to publish as a post.

The topic raised at some point was that no consumer is consciously going through purchases in retail for most of their items.

Nobody thinks in categories of researching their products for the small everyday purchases, we just buy whats more or less familiar. I just wrote about this in a different context (the future of voice search and interaction). But back on topic.

There is an opportunity here for #developers or even #retailers to automate this behavior and add value to the process by personalizing decision-making.

In any shopping-list app, why not let a search algorithm help the consumer offload some of that decision-making with its functionality?

The consumer could set a series of parameters that are important to them, set the priorities, and let the app suggest products or brands that fulfill these criteria closest and are available at the location.


Let’s say you need milk.

  • But you are lactose intolerant, so you need that lactose-free one.
  • Additionally you are conscious of your diet, so you want the milk to have 1% fat and below 50kcal/100ml
  • You don’t want UHT
  • At the same time you are conscious about animal rights, so you want to know if the company is doing everything humanely.

And so on.

These are criteria that could be automated to suggest brands and products that fit and take the load off the consumer looking at the plethora of choices.

It isn’t strictly branding related, although it could be, but it could be like a #shopping #assistant.

In case this already exists: I apologize.

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