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The 3 Reasons Your Startup Fails

So you saved up enough capital for your start-up and have a great product/service in mind for your new venture.
You are ready to dive head-first into the world of business. You are enthusiastic and full of energy, motivated and with steadfast belief in your product or service.
Unfortunately the world of business is not a calm ocean in the Caribbean, so you better come prepared before it all burns down.

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How To Stop Selling And Start Helping With Empathy

Don’t get me wrong, stories are great, everyone loves a good story. The best ones engage the audience, grip them, and never let go.
And that’s also their weakness, they are┬ástories. They are crafted narratives to engage the audience. Oftentimes, and if not to say even almost certainly every time, they are fictional (or at the very least heavily curated).
Maybe I’m just that much of a leftist hipster, but that doesn’t sit right with me.

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